First Appearance of GoGo - "GoGo's Good Dreams"
Unique collector's item from the first appearance of GoGo with japanese title and author's signature in "hanko" (traditional japanese signature stamp).
CARD 01 - "GoGo's Rest"
Gogo is a hyperintelligent Hachimon with great powers such as fireballs that come out of his paws, super speed, and agility.
He has two Koinoboris named Yuki and Tsuyo, who not only protect him but also transport him to different places in this and other worlds.
Yuki and Tsuyo are housed in his bell.

Gogo pursues the dream of one day meeting Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, and Hachiko, the legendary dog. 
But before that day comes, he's gotta face the threats that surround the planet.

Amaterasu created GoGo from a white Maneki Neko, the lucky cat. In order to disguise itself among humans,
GoGo continues to assume the form of Maneki Neko displayed inside a traditional Izakaya.
He is an Engimono-type Hachimon, one of the most powerful Hachimons and his power level is over 8000!
CARD 02 - "Nukee & Friends at Miyamoto Izakaya"
Nukee is a Yokai class Hachimon. He came to life through Amaterasu who endowed him with agility,
power of disguise and knowledge of ancient martial arts.

Over the years, Nukee's appearances gave rise to legends about his powers and people began to use his image
as an engimono - an amulet of luck and prosperity. One of the most well-known engimono is an statue placed at the entrance
of restaurants and izakayas to attract customers. To disguise himself among humans, Nukee transforms into that statue.

Living in Izakayas has brought benefits to him such as easy access to sake and plenty of food. The taste for sake directly
influences his powers. His fighting skill has evolved over the years into the lethal Drunken Boxing style. But sake also brought
some problems, such as the difficulty in using his power of disguise and passing out drunk. When that happens,
he needs the help of his fellow adventurers Amagaeru, Kamuy and Yamato.

Nukee and his friends wandered Japan living in different places for hundreds of years until they decided to stay 
in one particular izakaya, the Miyamoto. The same izakaya where another Hachimon would come to life: GoGo.
CARD 03 - "Konkon And The Mask Of Kyuubi No Kitsune"
Konkon owns the mask of Kyuubi No Kitsune, the mystical 9-tailed fox, which formerly belonged to her mother - Nagareboshi.
Her mother was killed by Ansatsuken, a very powerful Class 5 ONI. Konkon has sworn to find Ansatsuken and avenge her mother
and for that she will have to learn to use all the powers of the Kyuubi mask.

In addition to the mask, Konkon also inherited from her mother the knowledge of Kyudo - the martial art of archery - and the power to shapeshift.
Her ancestors are directly linked to Kyuubi No Kitsune and therefore she has some powers. But many others even more valuable powers are stored
in the mask. This mask was created to honor the 9-tailed fox and hold all the powers of all previous generations of her family.
With each generation, the mask grows more powerful. It's up to Konkon to unravel and learn to use all the powers to defeat Ansatsuken.
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